co-founder coaching

build strong partnerships.


Start off with strong partnership fundamentals. Refresh your current relationship with meaningful conversations.

Coaching and professional development for co-founders isn’t therapy, it’s not counseling and it doesn’t foster codependency. The ultimate goal is to have you working harmoniously together to implement real change and achieve your agreed-upon long-term goals.

Whether two co-founders or six business partners – each has different strengths, limitations, personalities and future plans. With cofounder coaching, we dig deep to bring out your combined strengths and identify areas that need attention. It’s your time to create a shared perspective on core issues and learn how to:

  • Stay in your own swim lane

  • Gain clarity on what motivates you so you can understand what motivates your partner(s)

  • Create a safe place to have the conversations that drive your business forward

  • Hold one another accountable to the agreements you make

I invite you to experience your cofounder relationship dynamics in a safe space that produces results. You will walk away with new insights into how each of you really thinks and what the business needs.

Coaching is about action. From the insights gained, we will create a set of actionable recommendations to ensure your partnership's success. This includes work on communication skills and styles and growing your understanding of how to manage conflict in a healthy way. Individual goals are developed, shared and agreed upon too.

We explore the topic of consistency--the glue that holds our prior coaching conversations together and leads to successful implementation – putting everything you’ve learned into action. Come to work and enjoy it.

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