Executive Testimonials

what Clients say.

Thank you, Maura, for all you have done to coach and guide me (and my staff) during this challenging year! Your encouraging and direct coaching style plus insightful suggestions have made all the difference in my business’ success (and my sanity!).
— V.P., Founder, Arlington, VA

Maura is a tremendous value to us, helping us be more effective leaders, managers, and business people. I’m glad I met her when I did because rapid growth makes running your business exponentially more difficult.
— S.S., Founder & President, Sterling, VA

Working with Maura, I’ve discovered the magic is in the HOW.
— A.G., Senior Associate, Washington, D.C.

Maura is so excellent! She is very patient, she is a great listener and she is extremely professional. Among other things, she helped us explore our strengths, weaknesses and working styles before we formed our partnership.
— T.C., Co-Founder & Partner, Arlington, VA

Collaborating with Maura was life-changing for me and my team. It changed our vision for the future.
— C.K, Owner, Arlington, VA

Maura has the best balance of gentleness and tenacity.
— R.E. Owner, McLean, VA

Maura Fredericks is just what this head-case of a president needed to sort out a nagging issue. In a very short time she made a huge impact on my view of my organization.
— R.S., President, Vienna, VA

I have gained incredible insight and knowledge working with Maura. A great coach asks the right questions and challenges the client to find the answers from within because after all, that’s where they reside!
— J.P., General Manager, McLean, VA

Maura brings structure, skill, and creativity to each coaching session – allowing room for honest discussion, feedback, and growth. She worked with me to extract significant themes and identify points of intervention. Maura is a remarkably skillful coach who brings depth, study, and excellence to her work and clients.
— G.R., Entrepreneur, Washington, D.C.

As a result of working with Maura and her insightful questioning, I was able to successfully accomplish my goals as a first-year principal, including establishing a positive staff culture and building trust with a new staff.
— N.B, School Principal, Washington, D.C.

Maura had an impact on my life and my career that goes beyond what you can find in any self-help book. Her ability to listen and ask questions delivered more answers than I ever expected and has changed the way I approach my job, my relationships, and my perception of self.
— A.W., Communications Specialist, Arlington , VA

Collaborating with our team, Maura helped us develop a clear company strategy around which our team could rally and the company can grow. Life-changing for me as a business owner and game-changing for our leadership team, our time together opened up so many new possibilities. We were just keeping pace, but after working with Maura, the team is ready to embrace growth. It changed our vision for the future.
— C.K., Retail Owner, Arlington, VA

Working with Maura I’ve been able to better identify my strengths and values, get a fresh perspective on challenges and begin the process of creating an action plan to help navigate my steps forward. Maura is a supportive coach with real-world experience.
— C.W., Association Member Services Manager, Linthicum, MD

From working with Maura, I gained an overall better sense of self-awareness and what my motivations in life are. The two greatest benefits from working with Maura are my ability to stay better relaxed in stressful situations and ‘keep my eye on the big picture’, and also being able to better focus my attention at the moment and be more efficient with my time.
— A.M., Assistant Business Development Manager, Fairfax, VA